I need dollr dollr

Hey ladies! 
Today I introduce this amazing kipling backpack. As I said in my previous post I have a special bond with kipling bags, because my first school backpack was kipling! This zebra print kipling backpack is the perfect "accessory" to make your whole look more playful and funky! Who doesn't love animal print? Zebra is the classiest way you can wear animal print because it includes the colors black and white. Kipling at it's best, is mixing classy with casual and gives us this lovely bag! I must add that it's also very practical! It has 3 seperate spaces to store everything you want- it also has a specific "case" that you can store your phone (how cute is that?)! Pair it with a simple, casual outfit or total black and let the bag be the detail that will make you shine! 
Whether it's for travel, work, school or a night out! Kipling keeps is simple, chic and unique!
So ladies, this winter, keep it cool and keep it kipling!

As for the top, as the song says "I need dollr dollr, dollr is all I need"! Not only me, YOU need some dollr in your life and specifically, in your wardrobe! I discovered this brand in asos marketplace and I instantly fell in love. Such unique fashion pieces and different styles! And their logo is amazing. This loose sweatshirt is a must. The fact that it's cropped gives this 80's vibe to your look that is so in! For all of you who are not afraid to show off your body, this shoulder crop top hugs your body perfectly. You can pair it with a black pencil skirt for a night out or with leggings for your workout!

bag: Kipling
tops: dollr dollr
ring: House of Bourgeois
leggings: forever 21
shoes: Asos

Photos by: Viktoras Panopoulos


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